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Full game still available through the "download demo" link below. Buy the game only if you want to support the development.


  • You bought a Prospector pack, including a small space ship and you set off to a distant terraformed dwarf planet to search for precious resources
  • Obviously, you crashed your ship during landing and you did not land exactly at your desired destination, but you will soon find your way around
  • However, once you start exploring the area, deeper into the mines, you will realize something is wrong...


  • Left Mouse to move, select, activate and interact
  • Right Mouse or arrow keys to pan the view
  • Shift to highlight items/areas
  • Shift + Left Mouse to inspect items/areas
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse to attack enemy drone
  • Ctrl/Shift when dropping an item to stack/split
  • Mouse wheel to change number of items to stack/split
  • E to customize selected drone
  • Q to toggle attacking selected enemy
  • F1(..N) to select your drone(s), press again to center
  • Space to focus on selected drone
  • 1..8 to use or consume items
  • Z, X, C... to execute programs
  • D to toggle defend position
  • Tab to select (next) enemy
  • Esc to clear selection or show menu
  • F10 to show menu
  • F5 to save game
  • F9 to load game
  • Drag and drop items, hold a second to split a stack or combine stacks

Instructions and hints:

  • Your first objective is to get past the lava, just search everywhere, solution is straightforward
  • You don't have any weapon on start, avoid fights until you find one
  • Your drone has limited inventory capacity, that can be upgraded by modules. Only the first inventory row is available in game - to use access cards or consumables, move them up there
  • Modules can specialize your drones for combat, mining, defense, etc. Make sure to unequip first before replacing modules. You can replace modules only in landing shuttle, when you use the Repair machine
  • Modules and construction kits can be placed only in the first inventory row


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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At first impression I has been charmed by Your game, but it's unclear and a bit frustrating for me. Is game more about crafting&construction or exploration&quests?

At first, I played it like a factory game with a bit of exploration, but at some point, I realized that resource deposits are finite. And within my first impression and playstyle this run has been ruined. (I tried to sell some product just to farm credits and drain a lot of resources)

At first glace stationary drill seems useless with finite resources (component cost vs effect)

Am I missing something or am I just playing incorrect way?


Obviously, I need to set "I apologize for your frustration" as an auto-reply.)

The game is as much about crafting as it is about exploration. However, it is a very early version and some game mechanics are still missing. Hopefully after the integration they will close the current gaps in the game.

Miners mostly allow you to mine and explore at the same time. The ROI is already there for some resources, in the added value when crafting the resource into more valuable chemicals/items. You usually want to construct it on top of a "glowing" resource.

One thing to rush for is the repair nanobots - to keep you alive long enough to defeat bosses. Current game content culminates when you incarnate and defeat your own personal boss. I will be adding more content soon!

Thank you so much for playing the game and posting the feedback!

RTS control style games are some our least favorite games but that doesn't apply here! [played the demo] and really enjoyed the exploration and the player character is quite interesting. The intro really makes you want to explore, and figure out what's going on in the world. I think you could take this a step further and have some cutscenes between transitions to spice it up visually. Great job!

looks great

The "go up a level" tiles could stand to be more visible. It took me a while to clue in to what they were... Maybe make the little box on the wall glow blue or something?

I am also stuck.

I have the left gun module, but no gun for it. I put two fuses in the control unit; it doesn't seem to do anything. I can select cracked walls, but can't destroy them. All I can seem to do in the upper-right unmarked mine is rapidly deplete my credits trying to get to what appear to be three health bars. I have checked all of the storage boxes that I can find in the lower mine entrance (even the one behind the three enemy bots). If the way across the lava is "straightforward", I guess I am just not a straightforward thinker, lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I apologize for the frustration, level design is still a bit behind:) When you put the fuses in the control unit, it becomes "active" and you can click on it to open the doors around, just follow the wires on the floor. Animated sprites are on my list, I will bump the priority on them. That could make the control units and elevators easier to spot. Thanks for feedback and have fun!

After I activate the control unit and click it again, all I see is this:I tried clicking on the picture of the control unit on the right side of this screen, but that didn't do anything, either. Doors are all still closed.

I really have to rework this part - you need to click on the computer screen:

Aha, that did it. Maybe it would be more intuitive if you put a little triangular play button in the bottom right of the control unit menu once it is activated, so that the control unit would work much the same as the furnace?

I have quickly patched it using available assets, hopefully there is no other pixel hunting like this. Please get the latest binaries. Thanks for playing the game! :)

Get the free demo and let me know what you think!